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Baby 1 Digimon

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Mittwoch, 6. August 2014, 18:40

Digimon Fangame: Your Digital Dream DEMO AVAILABLE!!!


Hi friends, here is a Digimon game based on Pokèmon Essential. We noticed that there isn't a single Digimon (Pokemon-Hack) based game completed, so we are trying to create one. We have been working on this for a year and now we have progressed vastly. We have working; sprites, icons, tile-sets, characters and animated attacks. Myself and my 2 brothers, (we are 3 twins) have always had the dream of creating a Digimon game and thanks to Pokemon Essential, we can now make that dream a reality.


NEW VIDEO HERE [SPOILER]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lV9mvPcKIyc[/SPOILER]
OLD VIDEO [SPOILER]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DH399vrf…bGUC4b8QBQ1Aiux[/SPOILER]
SOME ANIMATION ATTACKS[SPOILER]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3Mkx2g3o…bGUC4b8QBQ1Aiux[/SPOILER]

THE STORY (Work in progress)

17 years after the first meeting between humans and Digimon, the contact with the Digital World was lost, but now a company called "Digital Dream" or D&D for short has found a system that allow to open a portal between the Real and the Digital World.

In occasion for their 1st anniversary, D&D has created a contest called; "Your Digital Dream". A select few will be chosen and sent to the Digital World, here they will come across tough competition, meet enemies and make allies.

When you arrive in the Digital World you will meet your very own starter Digimon. We have not yet decided who will be the starter (Suggestion are appreciated). You will then set off to complete tasks and quests in order to further progress in your journey. You will discover that some strange things are happening in Digital World and perhaps are caused by the humans return...


Male Character

He is the hero of the game, he has always dreamed of having a Digimon and now he will be catapulted to the Digital World along with his friend Kira.

Female Character

Kira is the heroin of the game, she is always ready to help those who are in difficulty. His favourite Digimon is Angewomon.

Dr. Fish

Dr. Fish is the man who opened the gate to the Digital World and he is the Digital Dream's leader. He has spent his entire life studying the Digital World and his dream is to create a strong bond between humans and Digimon. For this reason he has created the contest "Your Digital Dream".


Thomas is your rival, he is very annoying with your character and i am sure you will hate him :P

Miss Lucy

Lucy is the Tamer Assistant, she will guide you through your adventures in the digital world :)


This is a Digimon game so say good-bye pokéballs, throwing Digivices or any other capture mechanism. Instead, when you defeat a Digimon you have a percentage drop rate (%) to find a Digi-memory, you can then take these Digi-Memories to the D&D Laboratory, it is here you will be able to create your Digimon! Some Digi-Memories are rarer than others, depending on the Digimon. We hope you like this idea! :)


Digimon can Digivolve, starting from Rookie, to Champion, Ultimate and finally Mega. That is the last level. Some Mega's can obtain different form like Burst Mode or Chaos forms.

There are various ways to Digivolve, such as level growth, happiness condition, DNA Digivolution, using objects, level up in a certain location etc... and we are using the Pokemon Mega level system to Digivolve during battle.

For example, if you have an Agumon you can Digivolve it during battle if you have a Digivice, but when it reaches a certain level, it will Digivolve to Greymon (or another Digimon) permanently, or until evolved further.


There are a lot of items inspired from various Digimon games that you can use to recover Hp such us 'Small Recovery', 'Medium', 'Large' and 'Full' and some items that work similar to Pokemon's berries: 'Digimushroom', 'Happymushroom' (grow up your happiness), 'Blue apple', 'Rain plant' etc... There are also Digivolution items such as the 'Digivice', 'Digieggs' and other particular items.


We aren't using a Pokemon tile-set, we are using a custom made til-set because we want to appear different from the normal Pokemon games. A lot of the tile-set have been created by Amaranth and they look very nice.

The Digimon sprite and icons came from DS Games, but we have created some by other means.


They are different from Pokemon types and they are as listed:



-130 Digimon
-100 new items
-Music from variuos Digimon games
-Cry from Digimon World 1 Game
-Some animated attacks (the last is Gomamon's Marching Fishes)
-Drop System
-Digimon Card Game with Triple Triad
-Changed Male/Female in Data/Vaccine/Virus
-Quest System
-Beta launch 90%


Credits to:

-Flameguru, Poccil, Maruno, Peter O. for Pokemon Essentials
-Bandai for Digimon sprite & icons
-Amaranth Games for Tilesets & Autotiles
-Stochastic for Drop System
-FL for Quest System
-Rexanimon and Xaitan for The Graphic Design
-Zebub Al Zemechiel for Digimon Tiny Sprites
-Happy Galgomon Gif Factory for the human character base

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Baby 1 Digimon

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Sonntag, 2. November 2014, 01:35

Demo 1.3 Available

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