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Perfect Digimon

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Montag, 7. Juli 2008, 22:44

Server voll oder IP bann LÖSUNG

There are two methods.

1st Method: Change Your Remote IP.

- It can be done by contacting the internet company that you are currently hosting on and file a request to have an IP change.

2nd Method: Proxy Shell (It is not 100% safe using this method. Chances of getting an account banned is still quite high)

This method is required to use Proxy Shell to bypass through the IP Block (which also known "Server Full") by hiding your main Remote IP and exploiting another IP from a different server.

This will allow you to access the game server without requiring to go through all the IP changes.

Though, lag is something that will surely occurs to some when Proxy Shell is active.

Download Proxy Shell by CLICKING HERE (15 days free trail)

You can get the full version with a crack or keygen through isohunt.com Beware that your PC may or will surely catch a spyware or a virus of some sorts, if you are not too careful. There are risks when downloading a software illegally through torrents.

1st Step: Install Proxy Shell once you have succussfully downloaded.

2nd Step: Launch the application once it is installed.

3rd Step: Once the application has been launched, click on "Proxy List" on the top menu bar.

4th Step: Wait for the list of IPs to loads from "Working" to "Good."

5th Step: Click on any of the "Good" IP and go to Add on the top menu and choose the DigimonRPG bin file.

6th Step: Now fully exit the Proxy Shell and launch the game client. (A 305 Error will occur to most users if Proxy Shell is left active)

7th Step: Alt-Tab once you are in the game and relaunch the Proxy shell Application and you will be able to log into the game afterward.

This will not necessarily work for everyone. Though, it does solve the Server Full and IP Block for most players.

von DIGIMON zur verfügung gestellt, wird noch ins deutsche übersetzt sobald ich zeit habe